Sponsors associated with European Bitcoiners.

European Bitcoiners is a free and open education and communication initiative and is generously sponsored by the following Sponsors to help build up the initiative and cover the costs of free publishing and community support:


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Disclaimer: Sponsorships are based on good faith partnerships alone and can be terminated at any time. Sponsorships don't necessarily showcase views and beliefs of all European Bitcoiners, and are a way to fund free publishing platform. Representation is based on generalistic view, for example: some prefer KYC exchanges while others prefer Non-KYC exchanges etc. There are multiple groups and views in Bitcoin community. EB is only focused to take a community-wide middle view representation of all. Every sponsorship is agreed upon in the community on the basis of voting, as there is no central authority and disagreements can arise in any community. At the time being the voting method seems to be the best way forward.