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Events & Maps

Events & Maps

List of Bitcoin Events/Meetup Groups and Maps across Europe.

To add events or meet-ups to the list please send in your event details either through Telegram (@EuropeanBitcoin21), Twitter (@EuropeanBTC21).
To initiate a meet-up group, create a Telegram group with (@EB-*city name*) or name of your choice, so that you can interact with local bitcoiners around your area. Send us the link to your group and it would be updated here.
You can also email our coordinator: sovereignmonk@tuta.io

Bitcoin Business Map (Places to Spend Sats)

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Bitcoin Local Groups

(information provided by local communities - subject to change)

Upcoming Events

Find your local events here:

Bitcoiner Events
The magic happens when Bitcoiners come together.

You can also check a smaller database version of the events below:


April 21-22, 2023
Pizzaday | Pizza Day Prague 2023
May 20-21, 2023
June 7, 2023
BTC Prague - The biggest Bitcoin event in Europe
The biggest Bitcoin event in Europe
June 8-10, 2023
Oslo Freedom Forum 2023 - Oslo Freedom Forum
Join us from June 13-15, 2023 at the Oslo Konserthus to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Oslo Freedom Forum.
June 13-15, 2023
Bitcoin Beach Retreat - Bitcoin Events UK
If a camping trip to sunny Wales tickles your fancy, you’re in luck. Now in its second year, the Bitcoin Beach Retreat is perfect for all bitcoiners. July 15-18, 2022 Check out Twitter for all the details.
July 7-10, 2023
Bitcoin-Zitadelle 2022 - Plebs im Chüngelibou
Willkommen zur zweiten Bitcoin-Zitadelle vom 11. bis 14. August 2022 auf der Bio Schwand in Münsingen! Ein ganzes Sommerwochenende rund um Bitcoin.
July 13-16, 2023
Mallorca Blockchain Days - Conference
Mallorca Blockchain Days is a conference for bitcoin and liberty.
July 13-17, 2023
August 4, 2023
August 18-20, 2023
Surfin’Bitcoin – 25, 26 et 27 août 2022
August 25-27, 2023
Baltic Honeybadger 2022 - European Bitcoin Conference
The 4th edition of the Biggest European Bitcoin Conference held in Riga, Latvia
September 2-3, 2023
Tickets | BTC23
Here you can buy tickets for the BTC23. Europe’s largest bitcoin conference.
September 14-17, 2023
A technical Bitcoin Unconference
in the middle of the Atlantic, 23-24 September. Join us!
September 23-24, 2023
Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023
The team behind Bitcoin Magazine and Bitcoin 2023 are going global. Join us in Amsterdam, October 12-13, 2023!
October 12-13, 2023