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  Nov 23, 2023

Nick Szabo was wrong: with Bitcoin, micropayments work

A 1999 article by Nick Szabo is often cited to argue that micropayments don’t work. But with Bitcoin and the Lighting Network, now they do. This is an opinion editorial by Jared Nusinoff, cofounder and CEO of Mash, a Bitcoin- and Lightning-Network-based micropayments platform....

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  Jul 26, 2023

You don't need a bitcoin job!

Don't quit working for fiat money (yet) – quit feeling bad about it - consider keeping a well paid Fiat-Job and use part of your paycheck to fund FOSS / bitcoin developers...

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  Jun 25, 2023

Bitcoin Affirmations

Bitcoin affirmations include classic insights about Bitcoin and allow you to reinforce positive feelings....

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  Jun 16, 2023

The Sovereign University

Let's embark into your Bitcoin educational journey...

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  May 21, 2023

Lightning changes everything

Published in print for the second issue of the EINUNDZWANZIG magazine....

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  May 16, 2023

Is Bitcoin really apolitical?

Bitcoin is often described as being apolitical. It means that Bitcoin does not care about the political stance of its users. But how apolitical is Bitcoin itself? And does it perhaps require better semantics?...

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  Apr 16, 2023

The Dark and the ₿right Side of the Film Industry

Bitcoin has not only given us a way to break free from modern servitude, but also enabled a new era of creative expression, social enlightenment and education through art. A legacy that empowers current and future generations....

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  Mar 14, 2023

Lights. Camera. Bitcoin.

...to celebrate the growing adoption of Bitcoin. To discuss the importance of education. To debate and exchange experiences. Above all, to make new friends....

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  Mar 12, 2023

BIP 329 – Wallet Labels Export Format

All your labels in one place....

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  Mar 06, 2023

BTC Prague 2023 - from OGs to Gen ₿

BTC Prague newsletter vol 02 | Adam Back & Slush as speakers | From OGs to Gen ₿ | Venue visualization | Ticketing system & payment methods...

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  Feb 09, 2023

Michael Saylor at BTC Prague 2023

Michael Saylor attends the BTC Prague 2023 bitcoin conference for the first time in Europe in person....

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  Jan 23, 2023

Bitcoin vs Real Estate: What is the better store of value?

Real estate cannot compete with bitcoin as a store of value. Bitcoin is rarer, more liquid, easier to move and harder to confiscate. Leon A. Wankum...

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