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  Sep 23, 2023

Precoiner Club #12

È ora di pensare al risparmio, con un bene che sta riscuotendo sempre più interesse e vuole diventare una moneta universalmente scambiata. Tutte le curiosità per aiutare chi è bitcoiner, ma ancora non lo sa...

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  Aug 30, 2023

Bitcoin: Self-Sovereignty and Liberty in the Digital Age.

Bitcoin centres around cryptographic control, creating a paradigm of digital self-sovereignty, independent of authorities or legal systems. This provides a safeguard against the invasion of privacy and ensures the protection of individual freedom. Leon A. Wankum...

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  Jul 15, 2023

Precoiner Club #11

È tempo di vacanze: il Bitcoin Beach su una spiaggia vera, mettendo un POS bitcoin in meno di 10 minuti. Mentre bitcoin... muore un altro giorno | Arrivederci a settembre...

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  Jul 11, 2023

Bitcoin & Real Estate 102: Is leveraging real estate to buy bitcoin a good idea?

The article explains why it would be foolish not to take on reasonable debt to buy bitcoin and why real estate is the perfect collateral for this endeavour. Leon A. Wankum...

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  Jul 02, 2023

Bitcoin & Real Estate 101: Maintenance reserves

Bitcoin maintenance reserves are a long-term treasury management strategy for real estate investors outside the uncertainty of the inflationary fiat system. Leon A. Wankum...

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  Jun 15, 2023

Nipsey Hussle's legacy & Bitcoin.

Rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was one of the first artists to talk about Bitcoin and had a very unique perspective on life that allowed me to understand the significance of the technology. Leon A. Wankum...

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  May 16, 2023

Is Bitcoin really apolitical?

Bitcoin is often described as being apolitical. It means that Bitcoin does not care about the political stance of its users. But how apolitical is Bitcoin itself? And does it perhaps require better semantics?...

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  May 08, 2023

Why companies need to integrate Bitcoin into their strategies for long-term success.

As an incorruptible store of value and tamper-proof payment network, Bitcoin enables all businesses to prepare for the future. Leon A. Wankum...

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  Mar 07, 2023

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: Which is the more resilient store of value in times of crisis?

The properties of bitcoin reflect many of real estate’s value offers on top of fundamentally more secure custody, easier maintenance and most importantly the ability to liquidate or move your wealth in times of crisis. Leon A. Wankum...

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  Feb 22, 2023

Bitcoin is an ETF on global ingenuity

Bitcoin acts as an economic battery, which stores the economic value created in the world. By holding bitcoin, you benefit from the productivity of everyone else using it. It acts as an ETF on global ingenuity. Leon A. Wankum...

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  Jan 23, 2023

Bitcoin vs Real Estate: What is the better store of value?

Real estate cannot compete with bitcoin as a store of value. Bitcoin is rarer, more liquid, easier to move and harder to confiscate. Leon A. Wankum...

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