'European Bitcoiners' est. Block 731398 is an education and community initiative to bring together all European Plebs and those who want to learn about Bitcoin. This distributed non-profit initiative is focused on building a platform for sharing, collaboration and Bitcoin Education, bridging the gap between languages, regions and countries all across Europe.

As a distributed education network, there is no central authority or management for this initiative and relies solely upon participation, curation of content on a voluntary basis. Anyone, anywhere around Europe, can contribute to build and expand the scope of this initiative. As well as, other bitcoiners around the world are also welcome to contribute and help expand the material, expertise and scope of it.

Majority of population across European continent lacks knowledge about Bitcoin and that leads them to believing the propaganda, false data and information, as well as the timely FUD* spread by those who either don't understand Bitcoin or stand against innovation or development which provides a better replacement to what they have to offer.

The Little HODLer Comics by Lina Seiche

Throughout human history, any time a new invention or innovation has been brought to the masses, it has been dealt with hostility. Many such examples include, the Printing Press, the invention of Light Bulbs, and even the Internet. If today we say to anyone that these innovations brought to society were seen as negative, many people might not believe it.

FUD: Daily Mail, 2000 (Internet) vs WEF, 2017 (Bitcoin)

Similar views are shared about Bitcoin today, demonizing or creating doubts about it. Bitcoin is a technological, mathematical and economical marvel of 'Satoshi Nakamoto', which tends to hold many forms in its decentralized form : An asset, a medium of exchange and a network. Most of the people who don't understand Bitcoin tends to believe the FUD.

Thus, this initiative has been set up with one goal - "To share knowledge and educate the masses about Bitcoin and how it can benefit them, as well as to tackle the FUD with facts". Bringing together education materials, articles, videos, podcasts, as well workshops and meetups, from all the hard-working bitcoiners around Europe.

*FUD stands for "fear, uncertainty, and doubt." It's a communication tactic used to influence people towards having a negative perception of something, generally through deliberate misinformation or inciting fear.