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#Bitcoin only - #GetOnZero - united we fix the money (supply to 21M BTC). 3-digit #stackchainer.

Milano Trustless (31febbraioMI)

#MilanoTrustless è un progetto personale per #orangepillare 🟠💊 Milano e infondere ai (meravigliosi) milanesi la mentalità #trustless

Sovereign Monk

Bitcoin, Privacy & Individual Sovereignty Maximalist | Founder of European Bitcoiners - for Free and Open Bitcoin Education.


Just a pleb! Nostr: npub1p4azlcd739k2mflqswyxwvcm6tkj3em36qs5kr08v95xul83c3hqmlvmck

Leon A. Wankum

Bitcoin. Real Estate. Philosophy & Ethics. ⚡law@alby.com npub1v5k43t905yz6lpr4crlgq2d99e7ahsehk27eex9mz7s3rhzvmesqum8rd9


Europe’s easiest bitcoin investment app. Buy bitcoin in 1 minute or set up an automatic savings plan. Here to spread bitcoin education and make stacking sats easy.


I do marketing for bitcoin companies & I love to translate bitcoin content to/from Serbian, Spanish & English. My translated works include: The Fiat Standard, The Bitcoin Standard, & many more.


"In the future everyone will be anonymous for fifteen minutes"

Bitcoin društvo SLO

Bitcoin društvo Slovenije je ustanovljeno z namenom, da povežemo slovensko kripto skupnost, organiziramo dogodke, odgovarjamo na vprašanja ter pomagamo posameznikom. Več info: https://bitcoin.si

Sven Steiger

Sven is author of Genexy.org an independent #Bitcoin publication launched in 2022 // Block 736100

Satoshi Baggins

Psycho hobbit - I write about Bitcoin and Austrian Economics

BTC Prague

The biggest bitcoin event in Europe | June 8 - Industry day | June 9 & 10 - General admission | Expo with 100 booths of BTC companies | Conference with 80+ world-class speakers | Great networking 🧡


#marktradikal #austrianeconomics


Bitcoinplassen.no er et nettsted dedikert til å øke kunnskapen om Bitcoin i Norge!

Şelale Malkoçoğlu

Born in Poland, raised in a multi-culti family, I quickly developed a passion for travel & respect for others. The digital nomad lifestyle is my natural fit. For years, I'm a happy Bictoiner as well.

Michael Wolf

Professional Shitposter on Nostr. Founder of the german party dieBasis, left it for bitcoin. npub1efzqzvseks53ff226vaeyx0vc0gaq244c3nhk7vvr2s5qeazq0ysprejkq


Straight edge bitcoiner


Just another human. Looking for the truth, exploring myself, making connections.

David - Bitcoin Bridge

My name is David, I'm the founder of Bitcoin Bridge, a small pleb-managed, Bitcoin-only consulting company whose mission is to foster Bitcoin adoption among merchants and small businesses in Europe!

The Great Reset Films

We're a group of passionate bitcoiners that want to expose the stories of our world that bitcoin helps to resolve. Our work is mostly focused on the actors trying to block bitcoin around the world.

The Sovereign Hodler 21
The Sovereign Hodler 21

#Bitcoin - it is not a negotation - the declaration of monetary independency


UX Designer