New Satoshi City - the birth of an idea ahead of our time

Generation of sovereign land for sovereign people in a semi self sustained society based on sound money, human rights and inclusion #Changeourlivesnotourcode | Simon Satoshi

New Satoshi City - the birth of an idea ahead of our time
Concept of a sovereign city state in the sea.

Political forces can be powerful and disruptive. Bitcoin is neutral in itself, however what people see and feel is not neutral. At the time of writing several states adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. However some countries are strictly opposing this step, or worse ban the proof of work hardware and the posession of information stored on the blockchain. Dark times may lie ahead of us and the concept of citadel is not unheard of in the bitcoin community. This is a hypothetical fortress for bitcoiner that would be facing extreme risk of violence and sought refuge in citadels.

Even in today's world building an off grid and independent society or state is a somehwat hazardous move. However there are large gaps of sovereignity in the map of the earth, were no one is able to oppose. It is the international waters in which roughly 400 km apart from land it is possible build structures. This concept is called sea steading and is still little known.
In the prospect of severe climate change, food shortages and overpopulation Bitcoiners need to be educated to think ahead of new solutions to build back better when we already know how unsustainable our way of living has become. To overcome this we need to find ways to fulfill all the needs we have sustainably. What better place there is than the sea?

It may be out of reach for the general population to quickly commute but the benefits are somewhere else. Sovereignity. This then newborn society of plebs is able to write history as the first BTC only sovereign city state. We may be small to start to but the idea is to have a building set to build many more to come.
Energy will be plentiful with huge solar panel and wind turbines residing close to the seastead. Maybe geothermic energy from the sea ground could be harvested as well. These natural sources of power then fuel our miners to stack sats daily for the city expenses to import goods not possible to produce on site. Water will be generated through a desalination plant and vegetable production could be handled in a vertical farming style approach. Additionally fishing may be an option for non vegetarian. Communication to the outside world could be transmitted via satellite.

Thinking through everything like garbage collection, healthcare and rules for cohitabition of like minded people  is literally a job on its own, but this post will just be food for thoughts on what there is to come. Maybe we can get Peter Thiel, a known fan of seasteading, to  build this marvellous piece of artifical land for us bitcoiner that may face oppression as a opt-in society twenty years earlier than expected?!