Software will eat the World

Bitcoin is the monetary singularity, people just do not understand this yet. With the example of AI image generation, we have an analogy from the artistic world.

Software will eat the World

Current events highlighted to me once again that the world we knew is rapidly changing. Information technology is everywhere. Bitcoin is the apex technology for monetary value exchange in the digital realm. But what if there was a technology similiar, but in a different field, more easy to grasp?

GM, plebs! The future is today. Recently AI text to image software has been released and it is now even open sourced for everyone to join the next revolution in AI based technologies.

In a similiar way, Bitcoin is like AI image generation. Created by humans, delivered to the public as a gift and unable to be stopped thereafter. However, most people still have not understood Satoshi's gift to humanity.

With the following images I will provide you a gift as well in the form of my personal computing ressources and the time to collect and seperate these images. Feel free to use them as stock photos or personal avatars. They are free to use, however feel free to optionally send some value for value sats.

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