There is no second best Bitcoin

Bitcoin is our only hope | Simon Satoshi

There is no second best Bitcoin
Bitcoiners see the light, but shitcoiners will dilute themselves to infinity

Bitcoiners understand that Bitcoin is our only solution to fix the money. Diversifying in crypto is a false belief since it comes always with a cost of complete failure or worse rugpulls. Despite the failure rate there is also more to the Bitcoin only approach also lived on european bitcoiners: Trust (to verify).

Satoshi developed a system which is self-evident in a way that is impossible to replicate. Therefore trust in other crypto assets or scamcoins than bitcoin is non existent as each of them is lacking the unique properties of Bitcoin, which are already set in code for the next hundred years to come. Some might not see the full economic potential of a finite monetary supply, but what we see today is the transparent issuance and perpetual audibility of the blockchain. What our goal should be is to accelerate the the voluntary transition to the yet to be most hard asset on the planet.

We need you to spread of hope, educate and start orange pilling to make humanity aware of the solution aka "Bitcoin fixes this". We will live in a multi currency environment for the decade to come but what pains as a bitcoiner to see is that the dominance of Bitcoin is around 42 percent as of May 2022. This means that Bitcoin could easily double if there was a coordinated effort to exchange shitcoin to bitcoin. However for this to happen people must come to the right conclusions: There is no second best bitcoin and it is our only solution to fix the money.

Think about the cause, not about the profit. Hyperbitcoinization will be one of the biggest advances for humanity in the 21st century just being based on 21 million coins, proof of work, the strength in number (vires in numeris/2^256) and the freedom to share information. Bitcoin may not be to the liking of different organisations, companies or individual actors in the global picture, but bitcoin is a free to join monetary network and a bottom up approach from the people to the people. Bitcoins timeline is the most calculable part of  a unpredictable world, therefore we have trust in our economic machine of truth.

You will have trust in satoshi too after having understood what fractional reserve banking, debt, the cantillion effect and (hyper)inflation is based on. Namely debt that creates artificial demand that creates artificially increased prices that requires more debt to pay for the artificial prices caused by the artificial demand caused by debt. Bright minds, extraordinary characters, contrarians, libertarians and idealists are trying to change the world for the better — all those and more make up the loose collective we might call bitcoiners. But care most be take on the naysayers and related FUD as well as polictics: Restriction in our freedom to transact, to save and to remain private are at stakes. Governments are already telling that certain kinds of mathematics and open-source software is illegal.

This is how far Bitcoin and Satoshi progressed with the idea of sound money from the people for the people. We must aim to bundle our strength into Bitcoin as it is our only hope as a famous economist once said:

“I don’t believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of government, that is, we can’t take them violently out of the hands of government, all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something that they can’t stop.” F. A. Hayek