UPDATED: What the heck is #Stackchain?

UPDATED: What the heck is #Stackchain?
#Bitcoin - with #stackchain all other money will cease to exist by 2040.

First rule of #stackchain: You must talk about stackchain. The highest #stackchaintip is currently at 1168, more than 28 BTC or roughly 650k USD taken down by #stackchain.

PLEASE do not post to other forked chains and reply to the longest chain with #stackjoin or #stackchaintip of 1169 USD.

It all started when AriZonanHODL mined the genesis block at 5 USD with buying #Bitcoin on July 18th, 2022. What started afterwards will be a historic point for pleb initiated hyperbitcoinization. In one dollar increments the next block can be mined by adding a screenshot of your buy. A stackheight of n+1 is achieved. Block needs confirmation by full nodes a.k.a. humans on twitter for longest chain = highest stackheight. Missing numbers/blocks and orphans will not be accepted! If your stack does not reach the requirement you can repost to the longest chain if you have the highest stackheight there. If you do not have it you can #stackjoin with fellow plebs and add to longest chain for validation.

Few tweets that explain it in other words:

#Stackchain takes every single stack that it can while searching for the next block height. If you're going to stack, we want your transaction in the next block or at least in the mempool. Please post in the Genesis Stack thread. Use #StackchainTip to look for the latest stack.

Search for #stackchaintip, sort by latest, look for the latest purchase block height. Buy the next block amount. Or say you want to do a #Stackjoin if you can't purchase the full amount. Post your screenshot on the OP where you found the latest block.

#Stackchain is truly one of the greatest things to happen on #Bitcoin Twitter. It can teach people why Bitcoin works so well. The longest chain is always the most valid and will have the most people build on it, further validating its existence. An incredible social experiment!

On the current tip or stackheight: Just ask “where’s the #stackchain tip?” and someone will tag you.

Let the stacking begin!!!

447 to cross $100,000

707 to cross $250,000

1000 to cross $500,000

1414 to cross $1,000,000

At a historic block height of 448, we have an average block time of 13.15 minutes/block. @AriZonanHODL first posted July 18, 2022 @ 4:07 PST. Information provided by @nickkrauts. I started with a #stackjoin in this exact block 448 with @nickkrauts and more plebs.

Trivia: 24 hours*60 minutes /13,15 minutes/block = 110 blocks

#Stackchain on Github for detailed consensus rules.

stackchain/sips at main · stackchainsats/stackchain
Stackchain is a chain of individual users purchasing bitcoin in USD, increasing by 1 USD for each individual’s purchase. - stackchain/sips at main · stackchainsats/stackchain

The notable stackheight 420 for lovers of delta-9 was mined by Stackchain Skinner at #bitcoin blockheight 740060. With his legendary skinner stacking tactic he was able to secure this blocking leading to a fork of the chain leaving nothing but astonishment behind.

"Early" Stackchain Stats till block 1000
Longterm #stackchain calculation.
Stackheight 1414 = 1 million USD into BTC. Stack sats and stay humble.
Why we do this?! #ENDTHEFED #ENDTHEECB 
He will hate it.
You must let others know, even if they do not deserve it, your child should hear about the scam first from you.

MOOOAAR memes:

#V4V: simonsatoshi@ln.tips

Detailed active consensus rules are implemented as follows:

SIP: 0003
LAYER: Consensus
TITLE: Stackjoin
AUTHOR: Semisol (twitter.com/semisol_public)
STATUS: Active
TYPE: Standards Track
CREATED: 2022-7-20


Plebs may want to attach another purchase to their or others' orphaned stacks, or pool together funds to produce a stack.


To start a Stackjoin (pooled):

1) Visit the @AriZonanHODL Stackchain thread located at 'https://twitter.com/AriZonanHODL/status/1549169119924080640', or the NEWSTACK of your choice.
2) Find the current Stack Height of the Stackchain. (i.e. $200 USD)
3) Reply with your intentions to start pooling, and attach an image of your Bitcoin purchase as your initial contribution.
4) Wait until the amount contributed is equal to the latest tip height. The threshold adjusts with the tip height.
5) Follow the steps on how to publish a Stackjoin

To contribute to a Stackjoin:

1) Make sure your contribution would not bring the pool above the current height.
2) Make the purchase of your contribution amount.
3) Reply to the Stackjoin proposal with the image of your purchase (orphaned stacks can be included).

How to publish a Stackjoin:

1a) (pooled) Collect all contributions.
1b) (unpooled) Link to all original posts. This is required to prevent double spends.
2) Publish a reply to the tip of the current stackchain (the original Stackchain or a NEWSTACK) with all pictures of purchases.

SIP - Stackchain improvement proposal #4

SIP: 0004
LAYER: Consensus
AUTHOR: Derek Ross (twitter.com/derekmross)
STATUS: Active
TYPE: Standards Track
CREATED: 2022-7-20


At times, the Stackchain can get very busy with a multitude of transactions coming through. These can be regular full stacks or partial Stackjoins. When the network gets conjested, we run the risk of double spending. This SIP aims to stop double spending from happening.


1) Any purchase that's 10 minutes older than the originating Tweet will be rejected unless proof is provided that it was orphaned or published by another pleb. 
2) Screenshots or pictures with date and time visible are strongly recommended when the app does not provide a date or time.
3) Plebs publishing Stackjoins should be ready to reply to any request for the origin of outputs.
	a) Please follow the publishing process of SIP-0003
#V4V: simonsatoshi@ln.tips