The Eighth SI base unit BTC - DIY Recycled Bitcoin Motivational reminder of Satoshi Algocracy

“Imagine, everything there is and everything that will ever be, divided by 21 million.” - Knut Svanholm | Simon Satoshi

The Eighth SI base unit BTC - DIY Recycled Bitcoin Motivational reminder of Satoshi Algocracy
Wire ties cut, bend and arranged to have something physical related to bitcoin that motivates me personally to think deeper about the future and the implications of a algocracy, based on a monetary policy satoshi envisoned, potentially being able to capture everything in earth's surroundings . Formulated as the 8th SI UNIT = ₿ = 10^8 Satoshi = infinity / 21 M = bitcoin frequency (x)* Planck constant (h)

Hello fellow Bitcoiner,

Thinking forward through all we uncertainties we go through during HODLING BTC I thought of buying a bitcoin motivational reminder. Sitting at my desk I played around with wire ties from old electronic equipment I kept for reuse only to realize that you can write formulas with them and build a free piece of art for myself.

Hyperbitcoinization is steadily coming closer I wanted to remind myself that we have to think ahead and be positive about the change and our future time on earth. You, as a Bitcoiner practising self-custody, are having a defined part of the infinite or else yet undefinable monetary energy of the future approaching a fixed supply cap. The perfect savings technology.

If you hold 2100 million satoshis at any point in time you will own 1 millionth/1 ppm of everything there is. Let that sink into your mind and think if other people reach to this consensus because I can not think of a system engineered more beautifully.

Building machines combined with bitcoin is a fun thing for some as shown beatifully by the freshly build bitcoin candy machine. I loved to combine reusage of otherwise wasted material with bitcoin and created a physical model of the formula of the satoshi algocracy based on formulas combined as seen in the title photo and described more detailed in the coming paragraphs. If you like this idea of the motivational object or the text itself created value, feel free to send me a single sat or more to for sharing. I appreciate the value for value principle. If this is  worth nothing I am totally fine with it. Apart from this I hope you are able to figure out own your own how to do it (Hint: Collect enough wire ties, cut them in appropiate length, bend, arrange and take a picture).

Keep stacking and hodl on and be shitcoin free. At best this motivational formula reminds you well of Satoshis' great inventions of proof of work, halvings and the difficulty adjustment. Additionally you can get somebody interested in the formula after building it yourself and start orange pilling. The rest of Bitcoin history will be individual acts of adoption through getting to know Bitcoin better and understanding what the formula stands for.

Hyperbitcoinization is the digitalization of the value of all matter and therefore energy (E= m*c^2) there is in earth and it's surroundings. A saying goes money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy control of your time. The right use of your time for society and you can lead to happiness. Bitcoin is the purest monetary preservation of time, and for time and energy we already have our smallest standard units similiar to what a single satoshi is to bitcoin.

For a Bitcoiner this is the derivation of the 8th SI Unit and it's formula. Value of the sum of all energy (everything that will ever be or already is) connected to a frequency (1/s) multiplied with the smallest unit of energy in quantum mechanics, the planck constant (h = 6,626*10^-34 JS).  The number x is if then the frequency of the Bitcoin network. Defining how much energy or time value is able to be stored in it per second. The number x will be very large and at some point we could estimate scientifically what everything that surrounds us is. But what could also be calculated approximately is the amount of energy stored via proof of work in the whole network of time divided by the amount of already mined BTC. Maybe BTC is a net positive thing: Energy and matter secured > energy used for POW.

Metaphysically you could say that this high frequency is what makes Bitcoin shine very bright to the enlightened and relate to its depiction as digital energy since E = h * f = ₿ = infinity / 21 M. Everything we have around us is then dividable by bitcoin, even the photons hitting solar panels enabling the conversion of electrical energy into computation, converting it into the truthful record of the bitcoin blockchain for the future to come. Depending on the frequency of the Bitcoin network itself might even correspond to high frequency gamma rays. Bitcoin is our light and lightning will be our transfer of value. Can we even go so far to say that after hyperbitcoinization with bitcoin you will own a definite part of the sun's energy that can be harvested on earth now and in the future?  A definite part of all the energy of the physical system/earth demoninated in 21 million BTC or 210000000000000000 sats?

Hyperbitcoinization is the process in which x is firstly divided into different asset classes and fiat currencies. However, after full adoption lead by the search for the worlds scarcest good or money, x will be mainly correspond to the amount of equivalent value production per time accessible to humanity. However it can not harness and secure more energy than collectable in earths outer space since everything further apart would be be out of reach from my perspective as already expressed in the law of hash horizons. For this post I will no further think of future ledgers of potential  future earth generations which may be transferred to earth since this is just another future concept that leads you way deeper in the polymathy of Bitcoin and actually beyond into the future. But what we already know is our ongoing "code is law" algocray disregarding every altcoin leaving Bitcoin as the only decentralized system capable of this feat.

The harnessed energy concept of a civilisation is already defined by the Kardaschev-Scale. Bitcoin can be a tool to measure the ability to extract otherwise unused energy in our physical system/on earth as the price of a kWh denominated sats drops over time. The number x multiplied with the percentage of bitcoins total energy usage is the true frequency of bitcoin. x by itself must then be frequency of everything/our physical system, or else the total mass of the secured energy (value) times the speed of light squared divided by the Planck constant (x = m*c^2/h). The higher the bitcoin frequency x will be, the more prosperity we will have using the available ressources based on the assumption that a constant share of energy production while be used for mining.

Paradoxically the formula everything divided by 21 million bitcoin is in consequence wrong. Infinity is unlimited, and the number x will rather refer to a very large number x that has been now proposed. What I can agree on is that the value of x is so large and h is so small that we could approximate it as everything and infinity. Similiarly you may be able to think of the constant x as the complexity of a private key that is 2^256 large. Satoshi was truly a polymath.

Pleb community tasks:

1.) Build a lenghty more difficult version with more wire tie than available for me:
₿TC=10^8 sats= infinity / 21 000 000 ₿TC = 210000000000000000 sats = (∑(i;0;32)210000⌊(50*10^8)/2^i⌋/10^8 = x*h

2.) Send me your way of rebuilds of this idea! Digital art is also appreciated and I will try to make a pleb EB21 collage out of it. Sorry for my imperfections but it is still recycled goods costing no more than a few sats in production.

3.) Tell me your thoughts about the approximation of x and the "true x" on telegram or write me a mail to about how other bitcoiners would call the constant x by its words? x = the frequency of the Bitcoin network? Or else do you think it is fake news and bullshit after thinking through the concepts? Let me know.  


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