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Satoshi Baggins

Satoshi Baggins

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Psycho hobbit - I write about Bitcoin and Austrian Economics

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  Oct 23, 2022

How to Buy Bitcoin on Relai App (2022)

Welcome to my review of the Relai app I’ll go through the buying process, from downloading the app to getting your first bitcoin. This way, you get the whole picture....

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  Oct 20, 2022

Salability of Bitcoin

According to the Austrian theory, what determines the success of a medium of exchange in becoming money is its relative salability. This part will examine the properties of bitcoin that give it its salability....

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  Oct 10, 2022

Bitcoin and The Regression Theorem

In his part, I explore how bitcoin fits into the regression theorem....

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  Sep 30, 2022

The Regression Theorem and the Proto-Money Paradox

In his part, I explore the paradox between Mises’s regression theorem and proto-money....

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  Sep 26, 2022

The Emergence of Bitcoin Through the Lens of Austrian Economics

While many Austrian economists disagree on various topics regarding the origin of money, the most notable and agreed-upon theory on the origin of money is Menger’s theory of salability....

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  Sep 19, 2022

The Function and Properties of Money

So why do you need money in the first place, and how is money chosen in the market?...

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  Sep 12, 2022

The Origin of Money

Just like any other good that arises in the free market, Money emerges because the market has a problem and needs something to solve that problem (satisfy a need)....

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  Sep 08, 2022

An Introduction to Austrian Economics

An Introduction to Austrian Economics | Satoshi Baggins...

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