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A journey down the rabbit hole, starts with a small step. Its either the curiosity or the will to learn about Bitcoin, that has landed you here on this page. A collection of resources to increase the familiarity and understanding of Bitcoin curated by Bitcoiners around the World.

What is Money? ▿

Articles and resources explaining money!

Mining ▿

Nodes ▿

  • What is a Bitcoin Node?
  • Why run a Node? What to consider?
  • How to setup a Node? Guide me.

Wallets ▿

  • What is a Bitcoin wallet?
  • What are Seed-words and Passphrase?
  • What are Keys and Addresses?
  • Setting up first Bitcoin wallet
  • Types of Bitcoin wallets!
  • Bitcoin Wallet Guides
  • What is a Block-Explorer?

Get Bitcoin ▿

  • What to consider before buying Bitcoin?
  • Buy Bitcoin via Exchanges (KYC ramps)
  • Buy Bitcoin from ATMs/Vouchers
  • Buy Bitcoin Non-KYC
  • Mine Bitcoin
  • Earn Bitcoin
  • Win Bitcoin (Services/Games)

Spend Bitcoin ▿

  • (spend at stores, services, tools, donations, giftcards) - need to add properly

Lightning ▿

Security & Privacy ▿

  • Securing Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Privacy Guides/Tools

Bitcoin Research ▿

  • Institutional Research
  • Yearly Reviews
  • Market Review & Structure

Other Resources ▿