The Thing About The Cave Allegory

Follow the orange path to enlightenment. Is a not always about falling into the rabbithole, but also about seeing the light and break free of the prison we call fiat. | Luna's Daughter

The Thing About The Cave Allegory
And with Bitcoin you can break free after feeling the empowerment of trustless, sound and sovereign money.

Originalautor: Luna's Daughter| Veröffentlichung: 05.07.2022 | Übersetzt von: Simon Satoshi |

Plato's allegory of the cave is 2400 years old. He had already described the path from identification to liberation back then. Well, if we look around today, one might think we haven't really learned anything. But unlike in his parable, we have the opportunity to turn our heads towards the cave exit. Because Satoshi Nakamoto gave us the key to our chains in an ingenious and incredibly elegant way. As pathetic as this sentence may sound, it describes the impact Bitcoin has on people. But those who still prefer to stare at the shadows on the wall and believe them to be true, say hello to their chains and continue to be guided by illusions.

The illusion in Plato's analogy shows itself more than ever in the delusion of prosperity. An individual indicator that is used and abused at the political level and expressed in figures as gross domestic product. We don't need to look at statistics to know which countries are in the top spots in a global comparison. You don't need to be a genius to see that a comparison to the colonial era is quite appropriate (see this great article by ROBERT BREEDLOVE).

The panic in politics in Germany shows in a very frightening way how fragile the fairytale castle they are sitting in is. The distortion of the truth has become a straitjacket. The prosperity meant by politicians is that which a certain standard of living should be borne on the backs of the “poorer” countries, people and later generations. Wealth on credit. Cheap credit with a guarantee of collapse and exploitation. Cantillion effect at it's best.

Every cog in this giant cog, from Kliemannsland to Greenpeace, from Moscow to Washington - they are all trapped in this perpetual cycle of imperialism, greed, power and ego. Everyone thinks they are the good guy. But the reality that hovers over everything is neither one nor the other. Bitcoin is neutral. Hard real money seems like the apocalypse for many. Apocalypse only means unveiling or revelation. Bitcoin reveals what has been broken for centuries.

Bitcoin means unlearning things that are seemingly unchangeable. The future is not predictable - as much as central banks and MMTers would like it to be. We refer to the Enlightenment and elevate man over nature. The absolute separation from everything that surrounds us was sealed by humanism which enabled us to be arrogant. The narrative of eternal growth through the creation of currency and a state that works socially for its citizens is the height of delusion. Bitcoin throws us back to the essentials, no Excel table of the “top economists” can calculate that. A good life is not foreseen in their charts. It rumbles in people. Western society is discovering traditions that are thousands of years old and adopting them; other searches for seclusion - youtube is full of people buying and living in a cabin in remote areas - minimalism, craftmanship etc. Everyone is searching for gradualness and meaning.

Through collected information we create a logical model of our world - we then call it science. Because bitcoin is aggregated information and energy, it is open to everyone. Anyone who wants can check if what is said about Bitcoin is true. If this privilege is not claimed and one flees into the old habit for convenience, one chooses the hamster wheel. Not seeing that a bitcoin standard will reverse today's problems is defying laws of nature that we make math and physics explain to us. Hopefully we will be able to see in our lifetime how everything rotten dies out in our society and nature takes back what doesn't belong there.