The Manifesto of Bitcoin Hodlers: Peaceful & Monetary Sovereign Individuals

The Sovereign Hodler 21

The Manifesto of Bitcoin Hodlers: Peaceful & Monetary Sovereign Individuals

Hard times create strong hands and increase the future value of the Bitcoin network. Hodlers are the representation of a peaceful protest for individual monetary sovereignty. We demand nothing more than the right to own, send, receive and self-custody bitcoin. Bitcoin represents the time and value stored by everyone to be carried through time and space. The value is generated by work performed over time. Time is the scarcest thing and bitcoin allows us to store the value of that time within itself. Additionally, we use a proof-of-work consensus mechanism and run nodes to perform cryptographic transactions without trust. Hodlers know that bitcoin is something you must own, not something you owe.

Hodlers have become a resilient community, as the forces and cooperation that unite us are stronger than the people that try to divide us. Satoshi gave us the tool for independence, but we need to take the power. In view of the recent asset freeze of individual actors like "Celsius" we need to raise our voices to protect other Hodlers of bitcoin.

Hodling is more than just holding: It is a strategic, game-theoretic approach toward superior money. The rules of the Bitcoin protocol have been set since 2009 - 21 million units and monetary base ensuring a decreased supply over time approaching this constant of scarcity. This means the more satoshis are stacked in your piggy bank, the more you own of a verifiable finite currency. And only those satoshis held in your own custody are the ones truly owned.

There is no central authority dictating the rules. The discoverer was ‘Satoshi’ and we all agreed to play this game. It’s based on voluntary participation. The players are individuals who store a set of 12 words anywhere and are believers in the core aspects: financial freedom and the separation of money and state. The strategic approach that Satoshi designed is based on the following code-governed laws:

  1. You must not confiscate
  2. You must not censor
  3. You must not inflate the monetary base
  4. You must not counterfeit

This can ultimately lead to truthful ownership of monetary energy and not someone else's debt, a true bearer asset. Hodlers can be fiat wealthy individuals or a small pleb with limited life savings. Anyhow, each of them owns a piece of something that is bigger than them, on their own. But Hodlers, despite their peaceful nature, have enemies. Enemies who do not want us to have this right. They do not want us to speak openly. They do not want us to think about this that way. They do not want us to have this choice towards superior money. They do not want us to trade freely. They do not want us to have any savings or pass them on to our future generations.

For a peaceful revolution to take place we need to act cohesively under the mindset, do you really own bitcoin? Join the Hodlers and prove it yourself.

  1. Hodlers do not trust
  2. Hodlers verify
  3. Hodlers are in control and can prove it on the blockchain

For a true and honest Hodler, January 3rd is the day of the reckoning cited in the genesis block of Bitcoin: ‘Chancellor on Brink of Second Bailout for Banks’. We know what we truly own and avoid the fallacy of faketoshis, IOUs, paper bitcoin and fiat money itself. Therefore, the hardest of all Hodlers go all-in on BTC on that day of the year to demonstrate their purchasing power.

A lot of people have the mindset that we do not have power. We do, more than you can imagine. With Bitcoin, we have an accounting system that shows the fractional reserve system, the mirror, as Bitcoin is the sovereign and the only escape from Fiat-Ponzi. Planning for something like this may sound heretic, but after thinking and reading about the history of money you will grasp the concept.

Think of it like everyone wants to truly own what you have in the bank. The banks loan out your money several times. Will you ever get it back if something breaks? What happens to the debt? It stays in the system causing further inflation and bankruptcy. Bitcoin is free from this flaw in the monetary matrix, as Bitcoin relies on truth. And those who seek the truth shall find it.

Bitcoin will happen. Exchanges will dry out. Hyperbitcoinization is inevitable.